Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces & Magical Places

By Deb Rucinski.

Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces & Magical Places- adult coloring book
by Rosemary Babikan

8.5 x 11 inches
Glue bound on the left
Non-perforated pages
30 Single-sided illustrations
Medium weight paper

Rosemary Babikan is a talented artist who was trained at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. She is diverse in many arts, including her creation of original artist dolls in porcelain and vinyl. She loves to sketch and doodle in her spare time, which has brought her to creating adult coloring books.

Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces & Magical Places is a delightful book that has 30 detailed, hand-drawn illustrations of the grace and romance of the Royal Crown, as well as the glamour and charm of the Hollywood Beauty Queen. Illustrations include: castles, crowns, tiaras, sword & shield, a majestic lion king, royal crest, unicorn, jewels, mandalas of florals/royal scepters/jewels and more, some close up portrait style of Queens and Hollywood beauties, etc.

This book has a lovely cover of a floral castle on a white background. The same image is inside to color for yourself. The back cover includes Rosemary’s social media links. Paper is standard medium weight, common of adult coloring books. You can use most coloring medium on it, but if you use markers, you will need to make sure you use blotter pages to avoid bleed through damage to the next page.

The illustrations are drawn with finer lines that are not too bold, and a considerable amount of intricate detail. This book is perfect for those that love coloring small spaces. Those with vision and dexterity problems may have some difficulty coloring many of these. With the intricate details, coloring with sharp pencils, fine liners and gel pens would work best. There is plenty of white space border surrounding the illustrations, allowing for easy removal for framing.

Additional pages include: an introduction, colorist name page, information about the author, coloring hints, and pages to test your colors and record your color palette.

This book is best suited for the older child to adult due to intricate details.

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