Breaking Boredom: Renew Your Enthusiasm and Color On!

harvest_moon_jumpers_1024by Dixie Ohlander

It is now the beautiful season of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere! Lazy summer days and hot summer nights have faded away, replaced with a cool crispness that brings renewed energy for the many activities that take place in the fall. If you got swept up in the lazy summer doldrums and have neglected your coloring, this is a time to kick off the cobwebs of boredom and let autumn’s colorful patchwork inspire you to pick up your pencils, gel pens, and markers and get your creative on.

The beauty of fall is certainly a great catalyst for us to pick up where we left off, but we still may need some extra incentives to pull out our books and dust off our clipboards. Here are a few ways to break boredom and start coloring again!

● Get out of your comfort zone
○ Color something you wouldn’t ordinarily tackle. Perhaps you’ve shied away from intricate mandalas, abstract designs or fancy typographical fonts. Why not give them a try now?
○ Use colors you usually avoid. Not fond of brown or grey? Take a chance and choose a palette that includes a variation of these colors.
○ Color with your non-dominant hand.

● Be bold!
○ Use colors that you think really clash, or don’t go well together. If you don’t like using greys, oranges, and blues in the same picture, do it anyway. You might just grow to like the effect.
○ Choose a page with a holiday or seasonal theme. Select colors that are not normally associated with that holiday/season: use only variations of red and green for a Halloween scene or use Halloween colors for a Christmas scene.
○ Limit your color palette to just two or three colors. Then only use these colors, or variations of the selected colors.

● Take a chance with the luck of the draw
○ Use Coloring Idea Jars. Create a subject jar and a media/mediums jar. A subject might include a dog or a fairy; a medium could be glitter gels or metallic pencils. Fold the slips and drop them into the appropriate jars. Draw a slip from each jar. This is the subject you will look for in your coloring books or PDF collections, and the medium(s) you will use for the chosen picture.
○ Make it even more fun by also creating slips with specific color palettes, a combination of mediums, coloring book titles, etc. You may need more than 2 jars!

● Add your own designs and words
○ Does your picture have lots of clear sky space? Enhance the sky by adding clouds in various colors.
○ Add polka dots, flowers, or a plaid pattern to a plain blouse.
○ Take an art class on line drawing and create your own designs to color.
○ Coloring an active scene? Add a caption or word balloons!

● Challenge a coloring buddy
○ One person chooses a design and a color palette for both to color. Each person colors the chosen picture on his or her own time. Designate a time and place to meet and compare the completed pics to see how each of you used the chosen palette.
○ Each colorist chooses a different picture, color palette, and mediums for the other to use. Both must stick with the challenge given. Set a deadline and come together to share the results.

● Change your venue
○ If you color indoors, go outside to color while the weather is still good!
○ If you’re stuck indoors, load up a tote bag with coloring books and supplies and move to a different spot in the house.


These are only a few suggestions for breaking boredom and getting back to the relaxation, enjoyment, and creativity of coloring. What are your ideas? Find or create a thread on this topic in your favorite coloring Facebook sites and find out what others are doing to renew their enthusiasm. Have fun and color on!

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