Blast from the Past

By Whitehall Publishing

Sisters, Vicki Vermeer and Mary Weber have just released a 1930’s fashion coloring book for adults entitled “Lola’s Ladies” featuring their mother’s, Lola Mayer, original designs.

Lola Mayer, 1915-2010, grew up in Oakland, California. She and her younger sister,
Irene, loved to draw. Irene, who recently passed at age 100, reminisced about waiting for the Oakland Tribune Newspaper every weekend and learning about fashion from the featured designs. “Lola was always a wonderful artist. She had a talent for capturing what she saw,” remembered Irene.

Lola’s father, Thomas Mayer, was a tailor and had a workshop in their home. As a young girl at her father’s side, Lola learned about clothing construction and tailoring skills. Her mother, Bertha, worked as a typesetter for the Oakland Tribune.

Lola’s creative and beautiful fashions enabled her to win a scholarship to Madame Lucille’s House of Design in Oakland, California.

At Madame’s Lucille’s, Lola learned to draw her figures a head taller. This style was used to depict grace and nobility and had the further effect of making her “Ladies” fashionably slender.

Lola’s Ladies coloring book is actually a fashion history book,” says daughter Vicki.

After graduation, Lola worked at Eileen’s Dress Shoppe creating original dresses. She married childhood sweetheart, Victor in 1936 and stopped working to start a family.

While raising her children, Lola loved designing and sewing custom clothes for her daughters and clients. Through classes, she remained current on the latest fashions.

Lola’s devotion to creating original work meant her growing daughters had one-of-a-kind dresses for special occasions that everyone envied.

“When I was a teenager, I had the most beautiful clothes,” Vicki recalls. “I always wanted store bought, but Mom made us fantastic custom-tailored outfits. None of our friends had dresses as nice as my sister and me. At the time, Mary and I didn’t realize how fortunate we were. We were blessed.”

For decades, Lola’s drawings were stored in a drawer of her father’s cutting table. After her death, Mary’s daughter, Terri, inherited the ‘Ladies’. “When at grandma’s house, we would pull the pictures from the drawer and grandma would tell me about them,” smiles Terri.

“We always wanted people to enjoy Mom’s beautiful designs but didn’t know how to go about it,” says Vicki. “Then in March 2016, I was skiing with a friend. She told me about a niece from England, who has her drawings published in several coloring books being sold at Walmart. I immediately thought of Mom’s ‘Ladies’ and called Sis.”

Vicki and Mary decided this would be a wonderful way to showcase their mother’s fashions, and together they worked to get “Lola’s Ladies” published on Amazon in November. “We are shocked and amazed at how many books have sold in a short time,” remarks Mary.

The coloring book has 44 pages to color. The price on is $9.95.

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