Awesome-sauce Ideas for Your Colored Pictures!

Yahoo! You steamrolled the aisles at your local dealer, ahem, coloring store, purchased a bunch of crazy-awesome books, and some weapons to go with said books. You screamed home, peeled back the cover, and attacked the pages with skill and precision. They’re magnificent pieces of colorful art, so bright aliens could see them from space, aaaaannnnddddd… now you’re sitting there, wondering what the heck to do with your shiny new treasures, right? Fret not, fellow coloring enthusiasts! We have a plan for those stockpiled masterpieces you’ve tucked away in all the dark and forgotten corners of your life.

Let’s bring those babies to life!

To heck with mom’s fridge, those days are long gone. Besides, those precious spots are filled with the grand kids beautiful finger paintings and scribbles now. You don’t want to steal their spot light, do you? No way! You want more than just mom to enjoy these pieces of art. Your own fridge? Not a chance! Well, maybe, we’ll talk about that later.

Let’s take a walk down Imagination Lane, shall we? Hand in hand! Okay, you’re probably old enough to cross Rainbow Road on your own now, but don’t go wandering off. You’re not going to want to miss out on what’s coming up next!

mod-podgeEnter the realm of Mod Podge!

Oh, Yeaaaaah!

Remember that sticky, gooey stuff your mom used to decal everything in the eighties? Well, for me it was the eighties; anyway, scoop up a can of this stuff because you’re going to want to use it! Let’s see, what, oh what, could we possibly use this magical mix for? Oh, I know! How about…

A Mousepad!

Sounds archaic if you live on your smart phone, but many of us don’t. And meeseses (your mouse) and your meesesses pad (mouse pad) are a great way to liven up your work space. Plus, it’s something you can swap out here and there fairly cheaply.

Start with a flat surface, something your mouse will easily glide over. Get creative, you can recycle a lot of things for this. It could be wood like an old cutting board, whatever you can get your hands on that is thin-ish and flat. Then, you’ll want to cut out your image, or images, from different pages. Place the images where they are the most visually appealing, then slather on that Mod Podge! That’s going to seal it in and stiffen it.

If you want to go a step further, go over it with some kind of glossy finisher to give it a polished look. Voila! You have your first coloring piece you can put on display and use on a daily to semi-daily basis.

Now, open that big, creative brain of yours, yep, there you go… and let it all in. Where are we going next with that nifty can of gooey goodness? Hmmm… Let’s see…

jar-picWeapons Container!

By weapons, of course, I mean pencil crayons, markers, gel pens, ketchup packages, you know, the stuff you fill all the blank spots in between the lines with in your coloring books. This is another easy and fun way to display your colored pages.

Open that cupboard – careful though, you don’t want to cause an avalanche with all those jars you’ve been storing. Whip out a couple of them and get to work! Repeat the steps you used for the mouse pad, minus the flat surface.

Go ahead and cut out some of your favorite colored images and slap those babies right on that jar! Seal with Mod Podge, and then stuff all your weapons in their new holding cells. Not only pretty, but functional, too!

Phone case!

phoneFor this one, you’ll need to pick up a generic case your phone. It’ll need to be completely smooth with no ridges or bumps. Now, you can do one of two things here… you can either use Mod Podge to stick your picture to it, or get clear plastic that is sticky on one side.

A phone case is something you can accessorize with and swap out relatively inexpensively. It’s great for letting your personality shine all while showing off your awesome-sauce colorings. You can either choose an image that is small or you can cut out a chuck of a picture and scale to fit.

There’s one more thing… Let’s see, what, oh what could it be? Oooh. I know! I know!

A Travel Mug!

This one doesn’t require Mod Podge. All you need to do for this one is find a travel mug that is designed to personalize! They have those, yes. You can just slide your picture right into the outer plastic layer and voila! A brand new traveling mug to take with you wherever you go.

So, there you have it, folks. A few things you can use your pictures for in a functional and fashionable way. Don’t let all that hard work collect dust in your drawers, put it on display for the world to see. Because, let’s face it, coloring is no longer just for kids. Might as well wear it loud and proud, right?

Oh yeah, and back to the comment about your fridge at the beginning of this article. Alright, go ahead and slap a picture up there. Why not, right? It’ll accent your fancy new phone case, bright shiny mug, wicked mousepad and fabulous weapon’s container quite nicely, don’t you think?

Until next time… Color On!

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