Art-n-Fly Review on Brush Pens



When asked which of the Art-N-Fly products I wanted to review, I was sort of at a loss. I mean, when offered your choice of coloring products, how would you choose one over the other? I decided to be brave and go out of my comfort zone. I picked the brush-tipped markers. I had never used them before, so it seemed like something that would be fun to experiment with… Yeah… I should have stuck with my colored pencils. I was at a complete loss when I sat down to write the review!
I can give you the facts. The Art-N-Fly brush-tip markers come in a pouch with 12 unnamedcolors – red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, dark blue, dark green, brown, gray and black. Unlike some “brush-tipped” markers where the tip is a more flexible version of the heavy felt tip we’re used to in markers, the Art-N-Fly marker do actually have a brush on the end, made of multiple fibers.
So, how does this translate for coloring? Well, I’m not really sure! I mean, you can vary the width of your stroke based on the pressure you apply, but these are otherwise similar to other water-based markers. I did find that it made it really easy to get into small areas when coloring. So that’s a plus. But a friend said she had trouble controlling the brush, so it may take some practice to get the color where you want. I usually use a very light touch with markers, so it’s possible that helps me control the marker in smaller spaces.
I did several tests with various types of pressure and strokes, and was able to get nice 20160926_111930solid lines with solid pressure, and some fun brush-like textures by dabbing the brush at the paper, or playing with varying pressure along the length of the stroke. I think if you are already familiar with using brushes with your coloring or artwork, that you will really enjoy these markers. If you are more used to regular markers or colored pencils, you can still use these like a regular marker, but you will need to play with them to learn how you can use them to get different looks for your coloring.

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