All I Want for Christmas is Coloring!

Christmas is only six weeks away as I write this. Every Christmas, we ask ourselves the same question – what is something awesome I can get for the person I love? We want them to really love it, but we are not sure what to get. Well if you are reading this, then you love someone who enjoys coloring, and I have some great ideas for you. Also, if you are a colorist, it’s a great list to leave around as a hint.

Each item contains a legend to give you an idea of the item’s cost. It’s rated like this:

Stocking Stuffer – Under $10.00 = $
Small Gift – Under $25.00 = $$
Medium Gift – Under 50.00 = $$$
Large Gift – Over $50.00 = $$$$

At the bottom of each suggestion are links I found for the suggested items. (The websites are listed to help you choose, but may not have the lowest price – you may find better deals elsewhere.)

  1. Color On! Magazine. Color On! features: A minimum of 15 coloring designs from a variety of artists each month, featured artists, articles on art therapy, coloring tutorials in Coloring 101 and 201, and many more things like reviews, new releases, events, contest, personal stories and other interesting tidbits! Get them a yearlong subscription and they have a guaranteed good time every month.
    $$ to $$$

  2. Coloring Books. There is such a wide variety I could write a whole article on how to pick the right coloring book. The best advice I have is to find out what kind of coloring book your giftee likes. Is it Mandalas, Nature, Fashion, Doodles, Fantasy, History? Is there some other subject they love like yoga, cats or owls that they would enjoy having in a coloring book? How about a movie or TV show like Alice in Wonderland, It’s a Wonderful Life or Game of Thrones? Do they collect something and would love a coloring book about it – dolls, tattoos, a type of animal? Do they love to travel camp or be in the country? There are coloring books for all of this and much more. Match the book to what they love. Also, there are books with different difficulty levels. Read some of the great reviews on Coloring Books for Adults, All things Coloring, or at Amazon to help you decide.
    $ to $$$

  3. Tools. In online coloring communities, there is a lot of discussion about the right pencils, markers, erasers, sharpeners etc. Honestly though, a lot of the decisions come down to cost. You can spend as little, or as much, as you would like. Listen to your colorist, does he/she hint about a great set of pencils or markers she/he wants? Buy the best you can afford – I guarantee it will be a hit.
    $ to $$$$
    Colored Pencils:

    • Colored Pencils at the Crayola Store
    • Colored Pencils at Dick Blick’s Art Supplies


    • Markers at Dick Blick’s Art Supplies


    • Erasers at Dick Blick’s Art Supplies


    • Pencil Sharpeners at Dick Blick’s Art Supplies

    Pencil Extenders:

    • Pencil Extenders at Dick Blick’s Art Supplies


    • Pencil Blenders at Dick Blick’s Art Supplies
  4. Hand care. Many of the people who color have problems with their hands – from shaking to arthritis. These individuals would love pencil grips to make it easy to hold the pencils. Also, many of us have pain in our hands, (or the pain is made worse,) from coloring. A one-time hand massage and manicure, or ongoing hand massages would be a wonderful gift. Another hand care treatment to consider is a paraffin wax dip, which is supposed to make hands smooth and help with pain.
    Pencil grips $,
    Massage and manicure $$$ to $$$$,
    Paraffin Dip $$

    (Where you go for hand care will depend on where you live. Many places offer it – Google “hand massage” for your area.)
    Pencil Grips:

    • Pencil Grip options on Amazon
  5. Storage: Storage is an awesome gift. There are two kinds needed for coloring – one to hold and organize items in your home, the other to allow carrying of coloring supplies for appointments and trips. Storage can be as simple as cans you cover with beautiful designs (perhaps even coloring pages!) to hold pencils, or as elaborate as a storage system designed for artists.
    $ to $$$$
    Pencil Storage Ideas

    • YouTube video: How to make a Colored Pencil Carousel
    • Handmade Pencil Holder Roll on
    • Colored Pencil Storage on Amazon

    Coloring Book Storage Ideas

    • More storage ideas
  6. Fun Accessories. Some fun ideas that your artist might like include a Spirograph, a lightbox for easier coloring or a lap desk for keeping things together while they are coloring.
    $$ to $$$$

    • Spirograph website
    • Light boxes on Amazon
    • All for Color Lap Desks with Cup Holder
    • Lap Desks on Amazon
  7. Books. Almost all the colorists I know want to improve their skills. So how about buying your colorist a great book on shading, how to mix colors or other art instruction books. This is a great gift for someone who loves to both read and color.
    $$ to $$$

    • Colored Pencil Instruction books at North Light Shop
    • Marker Technique books at Amazon
  8. Printer. One of the things I see people wishing for most is a printer. There are many inexpensive 3-in-1 printer. A printer allows your colorist to print free sample pictures they find online, and if it can scan, also allows them to share the images after coloring.
    $$$ to $$$$

    • 3-in-1 printers on Amazon
  9. Frames or Framing. This could be much more than just a thoughtful gift; it could be an encouraging one. Does your loved one have pictures that they, or you, just love? Buy frames to display them, or if you really want it to be a surprise, have some framed and present them as a gift. Framing yourself would be cheapest, but a professionally framed picture always looks amazing.
    $ to $$$$

    • Picture framing website
  10. Clothing. There are two kinds of coloring-related clothing that would make excellent gifts. The first are coloring shirts, bags and a few other things designed to be colored by the colorist. If you buy some of these fun designs, be sure to also include fabric markers. The other kind is clothing with great logos like “A day without Coloring is a wasted day,” “still plays with crayons” or “you know you want to” with a picture of an uncolored mandala.
    $ to $$$

    • Coloring shirts on Amazon
    • Color Your Story products (after December 15th)
  11. Special keepsakes. You can buy many special things designed to be colored. Some of the ones I have found are plant pots, keepsake books and your own picture turned into coloring pictures.
    $ to $$

    • Color Your Own Flowerpots
    • Personalized Coloring Books
    • Turn Photos into Coloring Pages
  12. Lights For many of us, finding a place in our homes where we have good light for coloring is difficult. A light can be a sweet gift, whether it is an adjustable floor lamp, a desk lamp or a lamp that connects to her lap desk.
    $$ to $$$$

    • Daylight lamps on Amazon
  13. Gift baskets. Do you feel frustrated with the whole gift giving idea? Even with all these ideas, you don’t know where to start or what to buy? How about a gift basket designed by a fellow colorist? I am offering gift baskets this year. Give me the amount you want to spend, tell me about your colorist, and I will put together a gift basket and mail it to your gift recipient.
    $$ to $$$$

    • Gift Baskets at Coloring Connections
  14. Gift Certificates. If none of these ideas appeal to you, consider a gift certificate to their favorite retailer or artist.
    • Dover gift certificates
    • Amazon gift certificates
    • Stuff to Color gift certificates
    • Etsy gift cards
    • Barnes and Noble gift cards
    • Ebay gift cards

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