Alice’s Absur’D Search for Sock-Ness

By Jessica Johnson

One of my favorite stories from my childhood is Alice in Wonderland, second only to my ultimate favorite, Wizard of Oz. Alice’s adventures continue to teach me valuable lessons to this day, from making choices, dealing with consequence, and of course, that “all the best people are mad!”
I was over the moon when I was asked by J.A. Early Riser (aka Anisa Claire) for a review of her newest coloring book, Alice’s Absur’D Search for Sock-Ness. She, along with T.J. Crayons (aka Travis Baribeau) illustrated and designed this hilarious tribute to Alice in Wonderland, adding their own “Absur’D” elements, characters, and story-line. It was difficult for me to choose an image to color first, because I just wanted to color ALL of them!

Many of the images within Alice’s Absur’D Search for Sock-Ness are clearly inspired by the original storybook illustrations by John Tenniel from Lewis Carrol’s book, published in 1865. The images in which inspiration were drawn from are even included at the end of Sock-Ness, which makes the entire coloring book even more appealing. The pictures bring your imagination back to the first time you heard or read the story, and you really do feel like a kid again!
While the book is technically an “adult coloring book,” colorists of all ages can truly enjoy coloring these pages. The images vary from simple to fairly-complex, and the characters are incredibly funny and appropriate for all ages. If you are a follower of the Absur’D series of coloring books, you’ll see some familiar faces and themes, such as Grumpy Grumplin and socks. Socks seem to be a fun fascination within the Absur’D series, and this book even highlights them as the main subject matter!
I highly recommend this book to every Alice lover, no matter what age. There is no doubt in my mind that this book won’t inspire reminiscing or learning anew! It is certainly the most fun coloring book I’ve had the pleasure to color in quite some time, and it will definitely be going on my shelf of favorites.

You can find the glue-bound, 60-lb paper version Alice’s Absur’D Search for Sock-Ness on Amazon, or you can purchase a spiral-bound, heavy cardstock version on Etsy. Visit the website to find these and all of the Absur’D series of coloring books.
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