A Year of Coloring



By Anisa Claire

It’s been a great year for us here at Color On! Magazine. We have had the opportunity to work with many fantastic artists who have exposed us all to exciting new art. Our companion coloring group, Coloring Books for Adults, has brought colorists from all around the world together in one place to share, learn, and be creative.

It is not only great artists and art that has made the last year amazing for Color On! It’s also the hard work and dedication of an entire team. We would like to take a moment to thank our writers, Dixie Ohlander and Stephanie Walker. Thank you for the wonderful and informative articles you have given us over this past year. Jessica Johnson, thank you so much for your book reviews. And a HUGE thank you to all our followers and customers. We’ve quite enjoyed seeing your colored pictures throughout the year.

Coloring came out with a bang, even though a lot of us have been coloring our entire lives, and we hope that it continues to be a hobby for many for years to come.  Through art, we are able to connect with other people, but also with ourselves. It gives us an opportunity to travel through the creative side of our minds, expressing ourselves in many different ways.

Art is inspiring. It is passion.  It’s breathtaking, beautiful, horrifying and funny. Art is universal and has been around since the dawn of the time. It gives us a glimpse into other worlds, other lives and different creatures and animals. Art is endless and so are the different color combinations that can go with it. That’s why we at Color On! are always so inspired by all aspects of this world. We hope that you are, too.

Join us in this issue to look at some of our best featured artists throughout 2016 and to enjoy the new contributing artists for this month, as well. We look forward to seeing your colored pictures on our FB page and in our FB group.

Everyone at Color On! Magazine would also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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