A Review of Little Darlings: Mermaids, Fairies and Elves

By Stephanie Anders.

Scrolling through my feed one day, absolute cuteness caught my eye. Kelly Michelle Horton’s work in progress posts of her upcoming book, Little Darlings has kept me excited and counting down the days to release. I have my book, and my excitement has only grown.

This book is very different from her other books. Kelly has included a color swatch index  to keep track of your color palettes as well as skin tone practice sheets. You will also find character sheets to aid you in following these characters as Kelly expands on their story lines.

I asked Kelly who her favorite Darling was and she replied,  “I think of everything in color, so when I was drawing a character I knew straight away what colors I wanted, what their names were,  and what their personality would be . I think Amethyst is my favorite because she was the first character I created and the rest all came from her.”

If you enjoy coloring mermaids, fairies, and elves then check out this new book with a cuteness flair that’s sure to make you smile. Be on the look-out for an opportunity to win a copy of Little Darlings: Mermaids, Fairies and Elves in our companion Facebook coloring group, Coloring Books for Adults!



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