A Review of Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Thanks


By Jessica Johnson

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Thanks
A Gratitude-Themed Adult Coloring Book by Ligia Ortega

As the month of November falls upon us, we are reminded of all things autumn: leaves falling, chilly weather, and maybe even some snowfall. It’s also the time of year that we give thanks for all that we have, and for those we love. The Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. is a big one, with families coming together over food, laughter, and most of all, thankfulness. I couldn’t have been more thankful myself to receive a copy of Gifts of Thanks from artist Ligia Orgtega, and it already has me in the spirit of being thankful and counting my blessings!

Gifts of Thanks is a standard 8.5”x11” size paperback coloring book with over 40gifts_of_thanks_2_wm_720 single-sided pages of hand-drawn designs. The pages are mid-weight paper, and a wet medium such as watercolors or markers will likely bleed through, possibly on to the next page. It is advised to use a blotter sheet between pages, or to simply copy the image onto your own desired paper type.

The first 24 images are full-page illustrations with various sayings of gratitude, such as “I appreciate you” and “Thanks for all you do for me.” The words are framed with a wide variety of images such as flowers, geometric designs, and even some edible treats! These same designs are printed two per page on the following 12 pages, which are the perfect size for use as cards to color and give to someone special, or leave them uncolored and give as a gift to color. Also included are three pages of bookmark-sized images from selections of the original designs, which are also great to give as gifts! Colorists of any age will find something in these gifts_of_thanks_1_wm_720pages to match their coloring experience.

Ligia Ortega adds a surprise bonus of four additional pages featuring images from some of her other books, an appendix which includes tips on how to add special touches to your coloring gifts, a list of bible verses of thanks, and even a Loving-Kindness Meditation. These incredible inclusions at the end of this book are truly special gifts of their own from the artist herself.

Overall, I am quite enamored with this coloring book. As I flipped through the pages, each image and saying brought to mind someone in my life whom I thought the page was perfect for. There is truly something in here for everyone, whether they are a colorist or a receiver of a colored gift. The entire book would make an excellent gift to someone whom you feel you can’t thank enough!

You can learn more about Gifts of Thanks and Ligia’s other Coloring Gifts™ by visiting ColoringGifts.org.

21 Comments for “A Review of Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Thanks”

Janet West


My best way of thanking someone is to be here for them. Whether it’s a hug, a pat on the back, or even giving them an encouraging wink and smile, I want to know I’m here for them, as they have been for me.

Kathy Villella


For me a heartfelt thank you is always the best and if the situation calls for more then I add something to show my appreciation. You can never go wrong when you say thank you!

Jennifer Preston


I have several favorite ways to say thank you, which I use depends on the person being thanked. If it’s someone on Facebook, I like to post a thank you and what I’m thanking them for if what I’m thanking them for isn’t too personal. If it’s a neighbor or an elderly individual, I tend to either buy them a nice dinner or cook one and deliver it to them. A person far away, I like to send a card.

Karen morse


My favorite way of saying thank you is if in person a huge hug and looking that person in the eyes and how much I appreciate and thankful they are in my life and that I would cherish whst they did or gave to me. I it can’t be in person than over the phone or send a letter.

Jolene Orlowski


I LOVE this book and cannot wait to get it in the mail. This will be amazing to color and read all about the thankfulness of people in my life, especially the angels that have helped me find God and he reborn. This book will be an amazing blessing and I’m so thankful. Thanks Jess, you’re awesome! God bless you. Hugs!

Katie S Hoffman


You did an awesome job on the flip through video. I love the idea of the bookmarks because I am not only an avid colorists but reader as well. It’s awesome that you can color the ones created by Ligia Ortega and then laminate them for protection.

Kim George


Love this review! Thanks for letting VB us know all about the book. Sounds like a very good book to buy. Very well done!

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