A Review from a Dude

By Larry Pierce

Today I will be reviewing Vintage Motorcycles Coloring Books for Adults: A Biker, men and tattoo coloring book.  If you’re anything like me then your knowledge of motorcycles extends to what you have learned from TV (shhhh I watched CHiPs), movies or just the local kids whose parents would let them ride a motorcycle. Alas I wasn’t one of those “local kids”, so I had to pretend my BMX was my motorcycle.  I know its lame, but what’s a kid to do? Wait, this has turned from a review into a therapy session.   Alright, back to the book.

Once you open the cover of this cool little book you will find 58 pages of single sided images to choose from. The paper isn’t a heavy weight. It’s good for colored pencils, but if you’re going to get all fancy and go with markers you might want to use some backer material. For example:  cardboard, t-shirt, the neighbors newspaper (don’t tell them, but I’m borrowing it for the crossword). This book has a little bit of something for everybody including choppers and various types of engines that are light on the details because, let’s be honest, you don’t have time for details when you’re roaring down the open road.  You’ll also find an assortment of biker patches, skulls, custom bike shop logos, skulls, tattoo designs, big bearded dudes and, did I mention, skulls throughout the book.  Whether you’re a seasoned Hog Rider or someone like me, who just thinks bikes are cool, there are plenty of pictures to keep you dreaming of the wind in your hair and the asphalt zipping by under your feet.

From one dude to another, if you don’t like this book feel free to jump on your motorcycle and drop your copy off at my house.

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