A Chat with Sena Carroz


Sena Carroz is our feature artist for March. Sena had drawn five exclusive images for this issue.

What made you decide to become a coloring book artist?

My sister. She bought Johanna’s Basford Enchanted Forest when if first came out.

How do you create your art? Do you create your drawings by computer or do you prefer old school pencil and paper?

I am totally old school pencil and pens…lol

What is your inspiration for the different types of art that you create for your coloring books?

I love reading and watching fantasy.

Do you ever color your own work? And if so, what’s your favorite medium? Do you like pencils, markers or are you dipping into random reserves around the house for anything that can apply color in an interesting fashion?

I totally color my own work. I love my Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and my Copic markers.

How do you define success and how do you measure it?

Success to me is being happy with my own artwork. I work hard at improving my art all the time. As long as I’m moving forward, I feel good.

Besides yourself, who is your favorite coloring book artist?

I love all of Johanna’s Basford books. They are so beautiful.

What color or colors do you most love to work with?

I love the color Green.

Outside of creating coloring books, do you have any other hobbies or activities that you love?

I also love to paint with acrylics and watercolors. Plus I read all the time….lol….not enough hours in the day.

What are your plans for the next year? Do you have any new coloring book releases planned?

I just finished my coloring book about Angels, so I’ll probably be starting another fantasy book soon

What are the titles of the last three books you have read or movies you’ve watched?

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, Replica by Lauren Oliver, The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel

If you could be any animal on a carousel, what would you be, and why?

Oh I would totally be a Unicorn! I love anything to do glitter.



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