50 Nifty Coloring Pages: An On-the-Go Adult Coloring Book


By Jessica Johnson

As we enter 2017, I’m finding myself becoming busier than ever, but with a lot of that time spent waiting. Waiting at doctor appointments, waiting for meals at restaurants, and even riding in the car or on the train. I’m often on-the-go from morning ‘til night, depending on my schedule. Every day it becomes more apparent that this is a common trend among many other people as well. So, what can we do with all of this wait time?

As a fan of adult coloring books, and a HUGE fan of artist Cristin Frey (full disclosure: I’m on her coloring promo team), I purchased her latest book, 50 Nifty Coloring Pages. It turns out that this book is the solution to my wait-time boredom!

Measuring in at just 8” x 5.5”, this coloring book is the perfect size for tucking into a purse or travel bag and makes the perfect companion to my waiting room / restaurant / train ride downtime! The images inside are about 6” x 4” in size and are mostly made up of simple doodle designs that are easy to color without a lot of planning. A handful of colored pencils or gel pens is all the extra materials you would need to fill your own down times away from home with color and relaxation.

Even if you don’t travel or have a lot of appointments or wait times to worry about, this book is still a fantastic addition to your coloring book collection. Only have a few minutes while dinner is cooking? You can color one of these little gems in that time, giving yourself a feeling of achievement and an extra boost to your good mood! Keep it near the couch or recliner to relax and color while channel-surfing through your favorite TV shows. (You could even keep a copy in the bathroom for those times when you’ll be in there for a while!)

Like all of Cristin Frey’s books, each page includes a place to sign your name and jot down which medium you used, as well as several pages in the back for color testing your mediums. The images are printed on one side of each page, which allows the colorist the freedom to use wet mediums if they choose. It is recommended that you use a blotter page or thick piece of cardstock between pages if you do plan to use wet mediums to protect the image on the next page from potential bleed-through.

The images are all in the easy range of adult coloring designs, so coloring enthusiasts of any level or age could certainly enjoy this book. A short bio about Cristin is included in the front of the book, as well as a dedication and note of thanks to people who are special to her. To find out more about this book and Cristin’s other books and designs, visit www.CristinApril.com or find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CristinAprilsArt.

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