100 Years of Fashion.


By Stephanie Anders

One Hundred Years of Fashion by Kelly Horton is a coloring book about early English fashion trends. Kelly has shared with us some of the most interesting histories from the Victorian era, Edwardian Era, and the reign of King George.

When watching old movies we do get a glimpse of past fashions, and in historical novels we are left to imagine the descriptions that we read. In this coloring book gone history book not only will you learn interesting facts about historic fashion trends, you’ll find true historic information that will intrigue your imagination as you color the historical women in this book. You will also learn a broad range of fashion tidbits about lingerie, outerwear, and footwear. Kelly also touches on hygiene practices, make up practices, and beauty regimens as they changed through the eras. Hair styles are also discussed in great detail.

Once you reach the fashion histories at the beginning of World War I, you will be fascinated in the evolution of women. Women stepped up to take over and work in many industries that were left vacant because so many men were going to war. Many of you will be inspired as you read how women of yesterday changed the future for you and I today.

In fact, I find the entire book inspiring. Go girl power! I have to admit, reading and coloring this historical coloring book has put a skip into my step. Reading and learning about women of yesterday and realizing how far women have come had me looking at my own accomplishments and feeling good about myself.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. I think it would be a great gift for all women and young teens. You can find Kelly’s new book,  100 years of Fashion on Amazon and in her Etsy Store  The ColourcollectiveShop.

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