Hello June

Hello June! Summer, summer, you are finally here! Pool side lounging, picnics, and vacation getaways are within our grasps. Enjoy!

Pull out your shades because we have an sunny issue for you. We have images from artists Alena Lazareva, Anisa Claire, Annieth Art, Bernard Whitman, Chet Minton, Julie Rabischung, Kelly Horton, Lynette Hansen-McNamara, and Paul Richmond.

Special thanks to our team, Deb Rucinski, Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau.

Imaginative Colouring

By Deb Rucinski.

Imaginative Colouring by Xenia E. Zilli

Paper back
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Glue bound on left
51 Single sided illustrations
Paper weight varies by region where printed.

Xenia is a woman of many talents. She is a gifted and award winning illustrator and an artist in fine art and graphic design. She is a photographer and fine art restorer. Her work is loved by many and in private collections around the world. She has a wide variety of interests, which is shown in the diverse art that she creates. A few of her interests are nature, animals, gardening, architecture, books, and photography. Her illustrations are a combination of hand drawn, digital drawings, PSP effects, as well as greyscale coloring books created from her own personal photographs.

Imaginative Colouring, Special Edition 1 was created for colorists of all ages. This is not your typical coloring book. This book includes not only regular coloring pages, but also coloring craft projects such as, greeting cards, posters, bookmarks and gift tags. The perfect book for a family to sit and color together. Illustrations include cats and dogs, mandalas, florals, angel bear, motivational sayings, butterflies, birds, dream catchers, seasonal illustrations, etc. It also includes a whopping 51 pages to color, instead of her normal 31.

There is something for everyone in this book. The cover is in a nice, calming periwinkle blue, with white and black. The illustration lines are dark and clean. There is plenty of white space surrounding the designs to make removal easy for framing or coloring. The images are single sided, but on the back is a description of what the following page is, whether just a title or some ideas on how to do the crafts.  I would like to see the title or ideas on the back of the correlating page, not a facing page, but that is a personal preference. Most of the designs are detailed but not so intricate that it would be a hardship for those with vision or dexterity issues.

The paper weight varies depending on the region you live and where it is printed. It will vary between 90-120 gsm. As far as I can tell, in the USA, it is 55 lb / 90 gsm, which is pretty standard for adult coloring books. In other countries it is a bit heavier. For this weight of paper, you can use most coloring medium. Make sure if using markers, you use a couple pages of paper behind the one you are coloring to prevent bleed through damage to the next page. Water should be used sparingly, as it will normally create a bit of page buckling.

Other pages include: copyright, dedication, social media links, titles of other books, colorist name page, and acknowledgments.

This book is suitable for all ages.

You can see more of my reviews at Deb’s Coloring, Art and Reviews


Reviews From A Dude

By Larry Pierce.

Hi kids!! Guess who is back for another installment of the mildly popular Reviews
From A Dude. That’s right, the creative geniuses over at Color On magazine decided
that they would like all of you faithful followers to hear from me once again. So I
cleared my scheduled, it was mostly just yelling at the TV and eating Doritos, and
decided to give this whole reviewing books another go.
For this month I’ve decided to go back to one of my favorite illustrators, J.A. Early
Riser, aka the kooky Canadian, and review Alice’s Absur’D Search For Sock-ness. This book, without a doubt, was one of my favorites in the Absur’D Universe. It had intrigue, it had mayhem and it had a sock stealing monster that was being tracked by the heroine Alice. You may remember Alice from some other books, movies and maybe cartoons, but I can assure you she has never had an adventure like the one in
this book. The illustrations are magnificent and hearken back to the John Tenniel drawings with a little Absur’D twist.
Now for the technical aspects, I know, I know but the readers, they insist. There are 120 pages of of Absur’Dly wild images printed on both sides of the page. Paper is a decent weight, white, slightly smooth and non-perforated. Like most other coloring
books, I’m just going to assume that alcohol-based markers bleed through paper, so if you want to use these types of coloring mediums expect that you won’t be able to color the picture on the reverse side. I recommend scanning the picture you want to color and print it out if alcohol markers are you marker of choice.
I highly recommend wandering through the entire Absur’D Collection. The artist has
created her own unique world and I for one am glad to let my pencils, pens and markers travel through it.

Hello April and May


We are finally back and operational and we have a beautiful double issue ready for you to download right now! Stephanie and I apologize immensely for the inconvenience of our website crashing for as long as it did, and we sincerely appreciate the patience and understanding we have received from most all of you. The last thing we ever want to do is let our subscribers or contributing artists down. Stephanie has worked tirelessly in the background explaining the situation, as I was unable to assist her while I dealt with the website crash and my own personal health issues of being in a cluster cycle.

Color On! has been around now for going on four years and we hope to be here for many more. We have had a few ups and downs over the years, but overall, the content, support and enthusiasm has been consistently positive on all sides. We hope to have another awesome year moving forward.

Let’s Color On!

Anisa Claire and Stephanie Anders

We have a huge issue for you with images from artists Alena Lazareva, Anisa Claire, Color’n’Chics, C Pensky, Dawn Denise Boyer, Deanna Davoli, Hannah Lynn, Irene Aretia, Lesley Smitheringale, Lynette Hansen-McNamara, Raen Art, Robin Gulack, Sabine van Ee, and Sherry Watkins.

Thanks to our great team for this awesome issue. Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau you put the spring in our steps!

Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces & Magical Places

By Deb Rucinski.

Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces & Magical Places- adult coloring book
by Rosemary Babikan

8.5 x 11 inches
Glue bound on the left
Non-perforated pages
30 Single-sided illustrations
Medium weight paper

Rosemary Babikan is a talented artist who was trained at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. She is diverse in many arts, including her creation of original artist dolls in porcelain and vinyl. She loves to sketch and doodle in her spare time, which has brought her to creating adult coloring books.

Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces & Magical Places is a delightful book that has 30 detailed, hand-drawn illustrations of the grace and romance of the Royal Crown, as well as the glamour and charm of the Hollywood Beauty Queen. Illustrations include: castles, crowns, tiaras, sword & shield, a majestic lion king, royal crest, unicorn, jewels, mandalas of florals/royal scepters/jewels and more, some close up portrait style of Queens and Hollywood beauties, etc.

This book has a lovely cover of a floral castle on a white background. The same image is inside to color for yourself. The back cover includes Rosemary’s social media links. Paper is standard medium weight, common of adult coloring books. You can use most coloring medium on it, but if you use markers, you will need to make sure you use blotter pages to avoid bleed through damage to the next page.

The illustrations are drawn with finer lines that are not too bold, and a considerable amount of intricate detail. This book is perfect for those that love coloring small spaces. Those with vision and dexterity problems may have some difficulty coloring many of these. With the intricate details, coloring with sharp pencils, fine liners and gel pens would work best. There is plenty of white space border surrounding the illustrations, allowing for easy removal for framing.

Additional pages include: an introduction, colorist name page, information about the author, coloring hints, and pages to test your colors and record your color palette.

This book is best suited for the older child to adult due to intricate details.

This and other video reviews can be seen at my FB page: Deb’s Coloring, Art and Reviews

Reviews by a Dude


Hello out there to my tens of followers. I’m back this month with a new review.  Where have I been you ask?  Well, the management keeps me locked away in a small closet and once every other month they crack the door, poke me with a sharp stick and ask me to throw some words down on paper. All reviews after this one will contain subtle hints to my location and ways to break me out of the closet. SHHHH…. They’re coming!! Better get this thing done before they break out the poking stick.

For this month I’ve decide to do a review of Doctor Who Travels in Time by the Price Stern Sloane Publishing Company.  Much like my last review, this book remains uncolored due to the fact that I am a collector of Sci-Fi books and also a HUGE fan of Doctor Who, Tom Baker was one of my favorites.  The episodes depicted in this book are from 1964 through 2015, so the range of Dr. Who’s represented are all the ones I can remember watching on reruns as a kid and the new incarnations of the doctor. The designs focus on Dr. Who in various time periods – including Vikings, ancient Egypt, the Battle of Hastings with Winston Churchill and even with Shakespeare among many others. The designs are well drawn with clean black lines, though it is easy to see that these designs are hand-drawn for the most part as the lines are not perfectly straight. Some designs are fairly open and easy to color while others are more intricate and will be a little more challenging but still a lot of fun.

Now onto the stuff you guys really came to read.   There are 45 Dr. Who Time Travel Designs printed on one side of the page. Paper is heavyweight, deep cream color, very smooth, and non-perforated.  Even though I have not colored this I can be 100% sure that Alcohol-based markers will bleed right through the page. So as I always say, unless you want two different pictures colored exactly the same way, I recommend using a blotter page.  There shouldn’t be any problems using colored pencils, although if your pencils bleed through you might want to throw those things in the freezer because they are obviously melting.

In conclusion, (sounds fancy) this is a fantastic book for all Doctor Who lovers both young and old.  Go out and pick yourself up a copy that will collect dust on a shelf just like mine.

Tray Decorating

By Stephanie Anders

Spring has decided to show itself along with my crafting bug.

An unfinished set of wooden trays caught my eye on Amazon, and I’ve decided to make them into different gifts for the upcoming Mother’s and Father’s day. Being it’s a set of five, I’ll get to keep a few for myself.

These trays are great for utilizing some of those coloring pages you may have laying in a drawer or stored in an album. Lynette Hansen-Mcnamara’s Fish and Mandala card from our April issue is what I’ll be using for my tray.

Lucky for me, I just happened to have craft paint to match my colored image. After I colored my image, I painted my tray. Something that I wasn’t expecting was that my tray seemed to soak up my paint. It took two coats to completely cover my wood.

Once my paint was dry, I used Mod Podge to glue my image to the tray bottom.  If you have trouble with air bubbles or getting the edges to stick or lay down on the glue, there is a handy tool to get your paper flat and attached to your tray.

When your Mod Podge is dry you want to paint a light layer on top of the page and the entire inside of your tray. This will seal and finish your work to the tray surface.  For added protection, I finished with an all purpose sealer.  On to the next tray while this one dries!

Do you utilize your colored images in crafts? If so, we would love to see what you have created!

April/May Feature Colorists

By Stephanie Anders

Our feature colorists for April and May are Janet Dickerson-Deshotel, Jessica S Whitehouse, and Shawn Bobar.

Image drawn by artist Raen Art. Colored by Janet Dickerson-Deshotel.

Image drawn by artist Hannah Lynn. Colored by Shawn Bobar‎.



Image drawn by artist Lynette Hansen-McNamara. Colored by Jessica S Whitehouse‎.


Hello March

March we are so glad you have arrived. We need you to march spring in early, because we’re ready for some warmer, dryer weather as well as beautiful spring flowers.

We have a great issue for you. Meet our feature artist Ivette Ramos Levy. We have five images by Ivette as well as awesome images from artists Cate Edwards, Grazia Salvo, Katherine Simpson, Kelly Michelle Horton, Lynette Hansen-McNamara, Robin Gulack, and Sherry Watkins.

Thank you to the Color On! team,  Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, Tina Pankuch, and Travis Baribeau.