Melissa Pierce

Melissa was born in a small town in rural Arkansas, and then moved to a small town in California. She spent many of her formative years between the two states.

Coloring and art has always been a passion of Melissa’s since she was big enough to hold a crayon in her tiny little hands. It came as no surprise that she would embrace the world of adult coloring. Melissa’s passion for coloring was re-ignited a few years ago and since that time there has been no picture she won’t try, nor any coloring technique that gives her pause.

Melissa is the mother of two teenage boys and one husband with a teenage mind! When Melissa isn’t coloring, writing product reviews, or keeping her husband reigned in (that’s a full time job), she can be found behind the scenes at Coloring Books For Adults and ColorUing for Weirdos. She also helps out with Color On! Magazine and the Absur’D Coloring Book series!

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