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Stephanie Anders, a.k.a The Super Cool Brainstorming Ninja and co-owner of Color On! Magazine, is a bird-loving, marker-addicted, reading-fanatic. She’s recently retired, deciding to spend her days lazing in p.j.’s, eating ice cream for breakfast and tending to her wildly enthusiastic and talented (but grown) children.

Stephanie’s official title at the enormous coloring group, Coloring Book for Adults, is Admin Wrangler. She’s been assisting Mary Winters-Meyer since its infancy. On top of being an admin for CBFA, Colouring for Weirdos, The Crayon Slingers and Visual Medication… Stephanie also markets for the Absur’D Coloring Books Series, Color On! Magazine, A Long Story Short, Reader’s Carnival, and the writing community, Writer’s Carnival.

You can find Stephanie kicking it, chilling with her icecream here:

Color On! Magazine:
Visual Medication:
Visual Medication Group:
The Crayon Slingers:
ColoUring for Weirdos:
Coloring Books for Adults:

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Stephanie can you check or connect me with who I need to talk to about my account? I was charged my $30 recurring annual fee for my annual subscription to Color On magazine but when I login and try to download the latest edition it tells me my subscription is not valid. It’s a little frustrating since I was charge the fee back on February 17th. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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