Jessica Johnson

profile_1_1024Born in Florida as a NAVY brat, Jessica retained her “brat” status throughout her childhood by writing on walls, coloring the family dog, and being voted “Art Club President” by her peers in high school. A ”Jack of all trades” but master of none, Jessica’s career has taken many twists and turns in her search for a creative outlet. She found the Internet to be her sanctuary, where she discovered her knack for writing and a desire to help other people.

Today, Jessica can be found online (at almost any given time of the day), with a clipboard, coloring book, and art supplies in her lap. As a whole, adult coloring has provided Jessica with an opportunity to connect with artists and colorists alike, as well as a chance to contribute by writing coloring book reviews and helping other colorists perfect their skills.

Living in Wisconsin with her boyfriend and two cats, Jessica happily enjoys cooking gourmet meals, lots of coloring (including her hair!), and way too much coffee.

You can learn more about Jessica and her love of art by visiting her website, or at her Facebook page,
You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, @jjcolorzart

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